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Bank Loan Notes

Bank Note auctioning is on the rise, and (APM) allows note holders to discreetly gauge the marketplace for the most current “bid and asked” pricing.  APM showcases Bank Loan Notes for non-distressed auctioning (5 Day Sale Style).  APM has dedicated site traffic, and serves as a “portal” website that your Bank Note term sheet and collateralized property information website will be featured on.

APM’s marketing philosophy is to create a sophisticated, Bank Note specific website that will rank highly with the major search engines such as Google for targeted keyword strings that we research in support of the note auction effort on behalf of our clients.  These sites provide extremely detailed bank note term sheet data and collateralized property information and graphic tours that allow the potential online note buyer searcher to know everything they might want to know about the bank note offering without having to engage an intermediary.  The data goes well beyond what is found in most initial, secondary market bank note offering literature.

While we are a technology cultured operation, all APM facilitators are seasoned commercial real estate debt professionals and will understand your bank note opportunity.

Beyond the creation of bank note auctioning specific search engine optimized (SEO) website that will garner relevant online note searcher traffic, our bank note sites are very user friendly, and can direct legitimate buyer interest to the client directly or to one of our highly trained APM transaction facilitators.

Contact us today to discuss your bank note offering in detail, or register to be notified of future bank note auction events.

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